Friday, 14 October 2011

Shakira's new boyfriend 2011 Images

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Her private life is attracting as much attention as her chart hits these days.
But for Shakira it was business as usual as she headlined a music festival in Brazil.
As the gorgeous singer gyrated her way through one of her hits, it was easy to see why she's stolen the heart of Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.
Shakira, 34, has stayed tight lipped about their romance.
But the Barcelona player told journalists: "I'm in love."
Gerard, 24, was speaking at an event to promote his new campaign for clothes store Mango.
And the 24-year-old wasn't even ruffled when asked about a picture of them kissing, which appeared on the front of a Mexican magazine.
"But that's good, right?" he asked. "A kiss is a good thing."

 Shakira new Boyfriend
 Shakira new Boyfriend
 Shakira new Boyfriend
 Shakira new Boyfriend
 Shakira new Boyfriend
Shakira new Boyfriend
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